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Area / Region

The IDE conducts research work for all developing countries and regions, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Researcher profiles may be found on this page.

Asia General

ABE, MakotoStudy of Korean Industry and Enterprises
ASUYAMA, YokoLabor economics, Skill formation, Industrial development
CHENG, Fang-TingInternational Relations (IR), International Political Economy (IPE),
Global Environment Issues (e.g. climate change) 
GOKAN, ToshitakaSpatial Economics, Multinational Firms
HISASUE, RyoichiAsian Economic History, Overseas-Chinese Economic Activity, Business and Entrepreneur, Regional Structure, Financial Crime (Money Laundering)
HOKEN, HisatoshiLabor Economics, Development Economics, Rural China Economy
IKEGAMI, HiroshiEast Asia /Taiwan
ISHIDA, MasamiDevelopment of Greater Mekong Subregion, Economies and Politics of ASEAN and China, Indonesian Economy
ISONO, IkumoSpatial Economics, Economic Integration in ASEAN and East Asia and Connectivity
KOJIMA, MichikazuEnvironmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Issues in Indonesia, Recycling and Waste Management in Asian Countries
KUMAGAI, SatoruInternational Trade, Malaysian Economy
LEI, LeiAgricultural Economics, Development Economics, Public Policy, International Trade and Chinese Economy
OTSUKA, KeijiroDevelopment economics
SATO, HajimePolitical economy of development
The role of law and institutions in economic development
SHIRAISHI, TakashiInternational Relations and Politics in Asia
TAKEUCHI, TakayukiInternational Relation
Inter-territories relations in Chinese Area
(Cross Taiwan Straits Relation, Mainland-H.K. Relation)
East Asian Regionalism and Chinese Area
TANAKA, KiyoyasuInternational Economics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics
UEKI, YasushiIndustrial Economy, Information Technology, Public Policy
UEMURA, JinichiMacroeconomics, Econometrics
YAMADA, MiwaAsian Law, Law and Development, Dispute Resolution Systems

East Asia

DING, KeSmall business, Industrial cluster, Platform, Chinese Economy
ETO, NaokoChinese Policy, Japan-China Relations, International Relations in East Asia
KAWAKAMI, MomokoIndustrial development in Taiwan and East Asian economies.
KIM, JiyoungApplied Econometrics, Flow of Funds Analysis, Financial System History
KIMURA, KoichiroInternational economics, Chinese economy
KOBAYASHI, MasayukiChinese Law, International Law, Disability Law
MATSUMOTO, HarukaCold War Diplomatic History, Chinese Diplomacy and Cross-Strait Relations
MENG, BoGlobal Value Chains (GVCs) related Analysis, Low-carbon Economics, Interregional (international) Input-Output Analysis, Spatial CGE Modeling
NAKAGAWA, MasahikoCurrent Affairs in Korea
ONISHI, YasuoChinese Economy
External Economic Policy of China
Physical Distribution of China
Regional Economic Development in China
OTSUKA, KenjiEnvironmental Problems and Social Change in China, Environmental Policy Process, River Basin Governance, NGO and Community
OYAMADA, KazuhikoMacroeconomics, Applied General Equilibrium Analysis
REN, zheChinese Politics, Comparative Politics 
SATO, YukihitoThe political economy of Taiwan's industrial development.
SHIBATA, TsubasaInterregional and International Input-Output Analysis,Econometric Model
TERAO, Tadayoshi"Development and Environment"
WATANABE, YuichiArea Studies (Korean Economy, Politics)
YAMADA, NanaeAgricultural Economics, Chinese Rural Economy, Resource Economics
YAMAGUCHI, MamiArea Studies (China)

Southeast Asia

AOKI-OKABE, MakiInternational Relations, Thai Foreign Policy
Latest research topic: Influence of international exchange of goods, money and human and its on regional integration in Southeast Asia: the case of Thailand
CHIBANA, IzumiAsian Law(Philippines), Law and Development, Dispute Resolution System
FUJITA, MaiVietnamese economy and industry
FUNATSU, TsuruyoSocial Stratification, Education and Social Movements
HAMADA, MikiDevelopment finance, Corporate finance, Indonesian economy
HATSUKANO, NaomiLegal Studies, Policy Studies, International Development and Cambodia
HIGASHIKATA, TakayukiIndonesian Economy, Development Economics
IMAIZUMI, ShinyaAsian law (Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries); international law; economic law
ISHIZUKA, FutabaArea studies on Vietnam, public administration, local government
KASHIWABARA, ChieFinance, International Organization/Administration, Philippine Economy (especially in the financial sector)
KAWAMURA, KoichiIndonesian Politics, Comparative Politics
KAWANAKA, TakeshiComparative Politics, New Democracies, Political Institutions, Southeast Asian Politics
KEOLA, SouknilanhInternational Specialization, Foreign direct investment, State-owned enterprise, Econometrics, Lao economy
KOJIN, EmiVietnam, Rural economy
KUBO, KojiSoutheast Asian economies, Myanmar economy
KUDO, ToshihiroArea Studies (Myanmar/Burma), Development Economics
KUROIWA, IkuoEconomic Integration in East Asia, Regional Economics, Input-output analysis
KUWAMORI, HiroshiInput-Output Analysis, Economic Statistics, International Trade, Development Economics
MACHIKITA, TomohiroLabor Economics
MICHIDA, EtsuyoEnvironmental problems in developing countries, Trade and the environment, Standards and trade, Product-related environmental regulations, Globalization and developing countries, Supply chains
NAKAMURA, MasashiMalaysian Politics, Comparative Politics
OSADA, NoriyukiPolitical History of Burma/Myanmar, Urban Social History
SAKATA, ShozoArea Study (Vietnam)
SATO, YuriArea Studies, Economy, Industry and Business in Indonesia
SHINTANI, HarunoCambodian area studies (modern history)
SUZUKI, SanaeInternational Relations in Southeast Asia
SUZUKI, YurikaPhilippine Economy
TAMAMURA, Chiharu(Areas of Specialization or Interests)
Input-Output Analysis and Inter-industrial Analysis.
Industrial Competitiveness among Asia-Pacific Region.
Repercussion Effect of FTA on Asian Countries.
Theoretical Statistics and Economic Statistics (Stochastic process)
Applied Mathematics (for Social Science)
TERAMOTO, MinoruVietnamese Studies
UMEZAKI, SoMacroeconomics, Public Finance, Econometrics, Malaysian Economy
YAMADA, NorihikoLaos Area Studies

South Asia

ARAI, EtsuyoContemporary Sri Lankan Politics and Society
KONDO, NorioContemporary Politics and Rural Development Administration in Indian. Comparative Politics, especially election analysis, etc.
MAKINO, MomoeSouth Asian Economy, Labor Economics, Family Economics, Population Economics
MINATO, Kazuki
MURAYAMA, MayumiArea studies ( South Asia), Gender and Development issues, Labor issues, Social development
NAKAMURA, MariPoverty of South Asia, Development Economics, Microfinance
OTA, HitoshiLabor Economics, Employment and Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management
SHONCHOY, AbuDevelopment Economics, Labor Economics, Public Finance and Applied Econometrics.
TSUJITA, YukoSocial Sector and Social Policy, and Labour in India

Middle East and Central Asia

DARWISHEH, HousamMiddle East Politics; Egyptian Politics; Comparative Politics
FUKUDA, SadashiPolitics and Economics of the Gulf Countries with focus on Saudi Arabia
HAZAMA, YasushiComparative Politics, Turkish Politics.
IMAI, KoheiTurkish Studies, International Relations, International Relations of the Middle East
ISHIGURO, HirotakeComparative Politics, Middle Eastern Politics
IWASAKI, YokoIran, Economics (mainly on Iranian economic institutions and markets)
MURAKAMI, KaoruTurkish Studies, Family and Gender Studies
OKA, NatsukoKazakhstan, nationalism, ethnicity, migration, corruption, informality
SAITO, JunMiddle Eastern Economy, Financial Development
SATO, HiroshiDevelopment Sociology, Area Study (Yemen, Eritrea), Japanese Development Experience
SUZUKI, HitoshiArea Studies and Iranology, Iran and Afghanistan
TSUCHIYA, IchikiEconomics (Middle East and North Africa), Development Economics


AMINAKA, AkiyoSociety and Economy of Mozambique, International Relations
FUKUNISHI, TakahiroDevelopment Economics in sub-Saharan Africa with focus on Manufacturing Industry and Labor Market, Apparel Industry in Low-income Countries
HIRANO, KatsumiAfrica Area Study, Development Economics
KODAMA, YukaArea Studies for the Horn of Africa, mainly Ethiopia Rural Studies and Development Studies
MAKINO, KumikoContemporary Politics of South Africa, Comparative Politics, International Relations
SATO, AkiraAfrican Studies, African Politics.
SATO, ChizukoPolitics and Society of South Africa
TAKEUCHI, ShinichiPolitical Economy, Area Studies (Africa)
TSUBURA, MachikoTanzanian politics, comparative politics, development studies
TSUDA, MiwaPolitical Science, Politics of Kenya

Latin America

HOSHINO, TaekoMexican Economy, Business History of Developing Countries
KIKUCHI, HirokazuLatin American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Institutions 
KITANO, KoichiChilean Economy, Managerial Economics
KONTA, RyoheiBrazilian Area Studies, Social Development, Urban Sociology
SAKAGUCHI, AkiVenezuelan economy, Venezuelan area studies
SHIMIZU, TatsuyaEconomic and Agricultural Development in Peru and Latin America
UETANI, NaokatsuComparative Political Economy, Latin American Politics
YAMAOKA, KanakoInternational Relations, Politics: Area of Study, Latin America and the Caribbean (Cuba)
YONEMURA, AkioEducation in Mexico


Other Developing Countries

HASHIGUCHI, YoshihiroFirm Dynamics, Industrial Agglomeration and Economic Development
INOMATA, SatoshiInternational input-output analysis, Global value chains analysis, Trade in value-added analysis
ITO, Seirodevelopment economics, applied microeconomics, applied time series
KUDO, YuyaDevelopment economics, Applied microeconometrics
MITSUO, HisayukiMonetary Policies in Developing Countries
MORI, SoyaDevelopment Economics (Industrial Organization, Industrial Policy)
Philippine Economy
Disability and Development
NOGAMI, HirokiDevelopment Economics
TSUBOTA, KenmeiSpatial Economics, Urban and Regional Economics
UCHIDA, YokoInternational Trade, International Input-Output Analysis
YAMAGATA, TatsufumiDevelopment economics; the Bangladeshi economy; economics on infectious diseases and pharmaceuticals; the textile industry; disability and development
YANAI, AkikoInternational Economic Law, International Development Law