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Senior Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center

Research Field:
Chinese Law, International Law, Disability Law

Education / Research Experience

School of Law, Waseda University (LL.B), 1987
Graduate School of Law, Waseda University (LL.M.), 1989

Professional Career:
Joined the IDE, 1989
Director, Law and Institution Studies Group, Development Studies Center, 2005-2011
Senior Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2011
Senior Researcher, Development Studies Center, 2012
Senior Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2015

Other Information:
Visiting Scholar, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1993-1995
Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of International and Business Law, Yokohama National University, 1997-1999
Part-time Lecturer, International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Yokohama National University, 1999-2003
Visiting Scholar, University of Washington School of Law, 2003-2005

Major Works

  • “China’s Law and Policy on Sending Workers Abroad: especially on Administration of Foreign Labor Export,” in Miwa Yamada (ed.) Legal System of Migrant Workers in East Asia: Towards Establishing a Common Infrastructure among Sending and Receiving Countries, IDE Research Series No.611, 2014 [Japanese]
  • Education of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries: Issues regarding Legal Structure and School Attendance (ed.), Research Papers, 2013 [Japanese]
  • Employment Legislation of Persons with Disabilities in Asia (ed.), IDE Selected Book Series, No.31, 2012 [Japanese]
  • “Disability Rights Movement in Nepal: Development through Public Interest Litigation,” in Soya Mori (ed.) People with Disabilities and Policies for Them in South Asia: From the Viewpoint of Disabilities and Development, IDE Selected Book Series, No.27, 2011 [Japanese]
  • “Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities in China: Analysis on National Disability Surveys by Government Initiatives,” in Soya Mori (ed.) Poverty Alleviation for People with Disabilities – How Could They Manage Their Livelihood?, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2010 [Japanese]
  • Disability law in Asian countries: Challenge and Prospects for Legal Rights (ed.), IDE Research Series No.585, 2010 [Japanese]
  • "Protection of Laborer’s Rights and the Role of the Labor Inspection System in China," Ajia Keizai, Vol.L, No.1, 2009 [Japanese]
  • "Government Initiatives on National Disability Surveys: Disability and Livelihood in China," Ajiken World Trend, Vol.168, 2009 [Japanese]
  • "Access to Justice by Persons with Disabilities: A Case Study on the Legal Aid System for Persons with Disabilities in China," in Soya Mori (ed.) Disability and Development: Perspective on Social Model of Disability in the Developing Countries, IDE Research Series No.567, 2008 [Japanese]
  • "Disability Issues in ‘Law and Development’ Studies," Ajiken World Trend, Vol.143, 2007 [Japanese]
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  • Legal System in East Asia (co-eds.), Economic Cooperation Series No.187, 1999 [Japanese]
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  • "Law and Democratization in China: Development of the Administrative Remedy System," in Naoyuki Sakumoto (ed.), Law and Democratization in Asia, Economic Cooperation Series No.185, 1998 [Japanese]
  • "The Enforcement of CITES," in Yoshihiro Nomura & Naoyuki Sakumoto (eds.), Environmental Law and Policy in Asia: Issues of Enforcement, I.D.E. Development and the Environment Series No.4, 1997
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  • "Formation and Implementation of Mexican External Trade Law under GATT Membership," in Kazuo Nakagawa (ed.), Development of Laws Controlling International Economic Relations in Latin America, Economic Cooperation Series No.161, 1992 [Japanese]
  • "International Law of Development," in Nobuyuki Yasuda (ed.), Law and Development Study in the Third World, "What is Asia?" Series No.86, 1992 [Japanese]

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies
Japan Society of Comparative Law, Society for Modern Chinese Law Studies, Japanese Association of Asian Law