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Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center

Research Field:
Legal Studies, Policy Studies, International Development and Cambodia

Education / Research Experience

BA in Law, University of Tokyo, 2001
MA in International Studies, University of Tokyo, 2003

Professional Career:
Joined IDE, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2003
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Phnom Penh), 2007
Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center, 2009.7
Bangkok Research Center, 2012.6

Major Works

  • (Japanese) "The Start of Khmer Rouge Tribunal: How do they judge 30 years-ago-crimes?" Ajiken World Trend, Vol.136, January 2007.
  • (Japanese) 'Industrialization of Cambodia: The Manufacturing Industry and Its Actors'Kouhatsu ASEAN shokoku no kogyoka (Industrialization in CLMV countries: The Experiences and Prospects of Late-comer ASEAN Countries), Kenkyu-sosho No.553, 2006.
  • (Japanese) 'Present Status of Industry in Cambodia:Focusing on Garment Industry', Mekon chiiki Kaihatsu(Development of Great Mekong Sub region), Ajiken-Sensho No.1, 2005
  • (Japanese) "International Politics on Poverty: Political Dynamics behind Poverty Reduction", Ajiken World Trend, Vol.117, June 2005.