Current Affairs Studies Group, Area Studies Center

Research Field:
Legal Studies, Policy Studies, International Development and Cambodia

Education / Research Experience

BA in Law, University of Tokyo, 2001
MA in International Studies, University of Tokyo, 2003
Professional Career:
Joined IDE, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2003
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Phnom Penh), 2007
Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center, 2009.7
Bangkok Research Center, 2012.6
Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center, 2016.9

Major Works

  • (Japanese) "The Start of Khmer Rouge Tribunal: How do they judge 30 years-ago-crimes?" Ajiken World Trend, Vol.136, January 2007.
  • (Japanese) 'Industrialization of Cambodia: The Manufacturing Industry and Its Actors'Kouhatsu ASEAN shokoku no kogyoka (Industrialization in CLMV countries: The Experiences and Prospects of Late-comer ASEAN Countries), Kenkyu-sosho No.553, 2006.
  • (Japanese) 'Present Status of Industry in Cambodia:Focusing on Garment Industry', Mekon chiiki Kaihatsu(Development of Great Mekong Sub region) , Ajiken-Sensho No.1, 2005
  • (Japanese) "International Politics on Poverty: Political Dynamics behind Poverty Reduction", Ajiken World Trend , Vol.117, June 2005.