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Director, Business and Industry Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center

Research Field:
Iran, Economics (mainly on Iranian economic institutions and markets)

Education / Research Experience

B.A in Persian Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1989
M.A in Area Studies of West Asia, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1991
Ph.D in Economics, Hitotsubashi University, 2009

Professional Career:
Joined Institute of Developing Economies, 1991
Research Fellow, University of Tehran ( Tehran ), 1994-1995
Visiting Research Fellow, Bosporus University ( Istanbul ), 1995-1996
Visiting Research Fellow, University of Tehran ( Tehran ), 2009-2011
Middle Eastern Studies Group, Area Studies Center, 2011-2012
Deputy Director, Middle Eastern Studies Group, December 2012-

Other Information:
Part-time Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1998-2000
Part-time Lecturer, Keio University, 2004-2005
Part-time Lecturer, Ochanomizu University, 2011-2012
Part-time Lecturer, Tohoku University, 2014

Major Works

Books / English
  • Questionnaire Survey on Apparel Firms in Iran 2010, Research Report Series No.11, Need-based Program for Area Studies: Middle East within Asia: Law and Economics, Hitotsubashi University, 2010.
Paper / English
Books / Japanese
Papers & Articles / Japanese

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies
Japan Association for Middle East Studies, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics