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開催日 報告者 タイトル
2016年10月28日  (金曜) Metin Çorabatır (The Research Center on Asylum and Migration, Turkey)
The Social inclusion of Syrian refugees in Turkey受付中
2016年10月20日  (木曜) Dr. Anja Smith (Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences, Stellenbosch University)
Examining the impact of insurance on healthcare utilisation and provider choice using a natural experiment in South Africa
2016年10月4日  (火曜) Jaqueline Laguardia Martinez (Institute of International Relations, University of West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago)
Development and Environmental Challenge for Caribbean SIDS (Small Island Developing State)
2016年9月27日  (火曜) Ping Wang (Washington University)
Urbanization and Economic Development: A Tale of Two Barriers
2016年9月15日  (木曜) Dr. Jasim Husain (Former member of the Bahraini Parliament, indepen reseacher)
Socio-economic and socio-political trends in the GCC
2016年8月18日  (木曜) Dr. Matthew S. Winters (University of Illinois/CFR-Hitachi International Affairs Fellow)
Perceptions of Japan's GGP Projects and Local Politics in Uganda
2016年8月4日  (木曜) Professor Taeko Hiroi (University of Texas at El Paso)
Political Representation, Redistribution, and Regional Development: Assessing the Development Rationale for Legislative Malapportionment in Brazil
2016年8月3日  (水曜) Professor Miguel E. Basanez (The Fletcher School, Tufts University)
【開催中止】Book Launch "A World of Three Cultures: Honor, Achievement and Joy"
2016年7月20日  (水曜) Dr. Lichia Saner Yiua and Dr. Raymond Saner(Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND))
Sustainable Development Goals and Millennium Development Goals: an analysis of the shaping and negotiation process
2016年7月14日  (木曜) Dr. Sarath Davala (Coordinator of India Network for Basic Income (INBI))
The Emancipatory Power of Basic Income: An Optimistic Note from Indian Experience
2016年6月28日  (火曜) Keisuke Kawata (Associate Professor, IDEC, Hiroshima University)
Multi-region job search with moving costs
2016年6月27日  (月曜) Madhusudan Ghosh (Professor, Department of Economics & Politics, VISVA-BHARATI, India)
Regional Inequality in India
2016年6月23日  (木曜) Sunil Mani (Visiting Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and Centre for Development Studie)
One size does not fit all An analysis of the importance of industry-specific vertical policies for growing high technology industries in India
2016年6月20日  (月曜) Kensuke Teshima (Centro de Investigación Económica Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) )
Offshoring Health Risks: The Impact of the U.S. Lead Regulation on Infant Health in Mexico
2016年6月10日  (金曜) Anthony D'Costa (Chair & Professor of Contemporary Indian Studies, Australia India Institute and School of Social & Political Sciences)
International Mobility, Global Capitalism, and Changing Structures of Accumulation: Transforming the Japan-India IT Relationship
2016年5月27日  (金曜) Robert G. Gregory (Research School of Economics, CBE, Australian National University)
Is this the end of the road? Will life-time earnings for the average female ever lift to 66 cents in the average male dollar?
2016年5月26日  (木曜) Philip Ushchev (Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)
Price Competition in Product Variety Networks
2016年5月24日  (火曜) Dr. Isabelle Giraudou (Meiji Gakuin University)
Cross-Border Skills Education in Environmental and Natural Resources Law as a New Field of Expertise in Asia
2016年5月19日  (木曜) 佐藤 仁志
Temporary Jobs and Globalization
2016年5月19日  (木曜) Jacques Thisse (IDE-JETRO)
2016年5月12日  (木曜) Kengo Igei (JICA Research Institute)
多面的な貧困に関する障害者と非障害者の比較分析 —南アフリカの大規模データを用いて—
2016年5月9日  (月曜) Toshihiro Nishiguchi (Professor Emeritus, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
Community Capital: The Prosperity and Limits of China’s Wenzhou Entrepreneurial Networks
2016年4月28日  (木曜) Dr. Dumisani Magadlela (Programme Manager, Pan African Capacity Building Programme (PACBP) at DBSA/一橋大学)
The Hidden Skills Africa Needs Now to Achieve Agenda 2063: Focus on Youth.