The Developing Economies

The Developing Economies


The Developing Economies is a multi-disciplinary quarterly journal of development studies that publishes original research articles on issues relating to developing countries, transition and emerging economies, and developed countries before the take-off. Its unique feature is to welcome both quantitative articles supported by statistical evidence, and qualitative articles based on new data and/or a deep understanding of a specific country, region, or event, which explain new hypotheses, viewpoints, or insights.


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The 60th Anniversary Virtual Issue

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We welcome articles using broad methods including (but are not restricted to):

  • combining quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • statistical analysis based on various data sources such as surveys, experiments, historical archives, and administrative records;
  • descriptive analysis including case studies, narratives, and comparative analysis;
  • theoretical analysis;
  • review articles pointing out promising areas of future research on developing economies.

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Editorial board

Editorial board


Takashi Kurosaki (Chair) Professor, Hitotsubashi University
Naoto Jinji Professor, Kyoto University
Yoko Kijima Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Keiichi Kubo Professor, Waseda University
Tomohiro Machikita Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Etsuro Shioji Professor, Chuo University
Go Yano Professor, Kyoto University
Yoko Asuyama Research Fellow, IDE
Takahiro Fukunishi Senior Research Fellow, IDE
Kazunobu Hayakawa Senior Research Fellow, IDE
Chie Kashiwabara Senior Research Fellow, IDE
Hirokazu Kikuchi Senior Research Fellow, IDE
Yuya Kudo Senior Research Fellow, IDE
Hiroshi Kuwamori Managing Editor, IDE
Kiyoyasu Tanaka Research Fellow, IDE
Kazunari Tsukada Research Fellow, IDE
Manabu Takahashi Director, IDE
Masahiro Okada Book Review Editor, IDE
Mami Ishigaki Assistant Editor, IDE
Akiko Minowa Assistant Editor, IDE
Yuki Mukai Assistant Editor, IDE

Editorial Advisors

Kaushik Basu Professor, Cornell University

Timothy Besley Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Tain-Jy Chen Professor, National Taiwan University

Marcel Fafchamps Professor, Stanford University

Hal Hill Professor, Australian National University

Kaliappa Kalirajan Professor, Australian National University

Dwight Perkins Professor, Harvard University