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The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) is making its research results available online free of charge since 2020 in order to promote open access to information and intellectual contributions to the world. Please refer to our Open Access Policy.

Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy

March 31, 2022

The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) aims to promote information disclosure and make intellectual contributions to the world as a center of research on developing economies in Japan by sharing the results of the IDE’s research projects widely inside and outside the IDE.

To this end, the IDE establishes its Open Access Policy as follows:

  1. Definition
    “Open access” means allowing everyone access to the IDE’s research results via the internet free of charge and thereby ensuring free access from inside and outside the IDE.
  2. Publication of Research Results
    The IDE makes its research results available to the public via the Academic Research Repository at the Institute of Developing Economies (ARRIDE), in principle.
  3. Exclusion from Application
    This policy will not apply to the following research results:
    1. Those that cannot be posted on the ARRIDE due to restrictions related to copyrights or other intellectual property rights or contribution regulations, etc., or that could cause problems if published on the ARRIDE; or
    2. Those that were published before this policy came into effect.
  4. Miscellaneous
    In addition to what is set forth in this policy, other necessary matters regarding open access at the IDE will be decided through consultation between all parties concerned.