The Developing Economies

Volume 46, Number 4 (December 2008)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 46, Number 4 (December 2008)
■ B5
■ 105pp
■ December 2008

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Original Articles

Micro and Small Enterprise Growth in Turkey: Under the Shadow of Financial Crisis / Şemsa Özar, Gökhan Özertan, and Zeynep Burcu İrfanoğlu

Page 331

Price Setting Behavior in Turkish Industries: Evidence from Survey Data / Saygın Şahınöz and Bedriye Saraçoğlu

Page 363

Currency Crises in Emerging Markets: The Case of Post-Liberalization Turkey / Mete Feridun

Page 386

Foreign Networks and Exports: Results from Indonesian Panel Data / Fredrik Sjöholm and Sadayuki Takii

Page 428

Book Reviews

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy edited by Peter Drysdale and Takashi Terada / Ippei Yamazawa

Page 447

Defining Poverty in the Developing World edited by Frances Stewart, Ruhi Saith, and Barbara Harriss-White / Hiroki Nogami

Page 450

Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson / Kazuki Minato

Page 453

Rural Women in Urban China: Gender, Migration, and Social Change by Tamara Jacka / Fumie Ohashi

Page 456

Big Business and Economic Development: Conglomerates and Economic Groups in Developing Countries and Transition Economies under Globalisation edited by Alex E. Fernández Jilberto and Barbara Hogenboom / Taeko Hoshino

Page 460