The Developing Economies

Volume 54, Number 1 (March 2016)

Special Issue: Unconventional Monetary Policy and Emerging Economies

■ The Developing Economies Volume 54, Number 1 (March 2016)
■ B5
■ March 2016

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Original Articles
Introduction to the Special Issue / Shin-ichi FUKUDA and Etsuro SHIOJI

Page 3-5

Unconventional Monetary Policy, Global Liquidity Circulation, and Inflation Divergence around the World / Taeyoon SUNG and Jong-Hee KIM

Page 6-26

Spillover Effects of United States’ Unconventional Monetary Policy on Korean Bond Markets: Evidence from High-Frequency Data / Ki Young PARK and Ji Yong UM

Page 27-58

Unconventional Monetary Policy and Its External Effects: Evidence from Japan's Exports / Shin-ichi FUKUDA and Tsutomu DOITA

Page 59-79

Impacts of Quantitative Monetary Easing Policy in the United States and Japan on the Thai Economy / Bhanupong NIDHIPRABHA

Page 80-102

Effects of Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy Exit Strategy on East Asian Currencies / Eiji OGAWA and Zhiqian WANG

Page 103-129

Book Reviews

Page 130-133

Books Received for Review

Books Received for Review (Dec. 2014–Nov. 2015)

Page 134