The Developing Economies

Volume 50, Number 4 (December 2012)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 50, Number 4 (December 2012)
■ B5
■ December 2012

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In 2012 The Developing Economies celebrates its 50th volume. You can read a collection of the best recent articles on India, read the latest special issue on microfinance or browse through the journal's entire back catalogue.
Original Articles
The Determinants of Corruption: Cross-Country-Panel-Data Analysis / Nasr G. ELBAHNASAWY and Charles F. REVIER

Page 311-333

Remedial Education with Incentivized Peer-Tutoring: Evidence from Migrant Children Schools in China / Tao LI

Page 334-350

Is the Gulf Cooperation Council an Optimum Currency Area? / Salah A. NUSAIR

Page 351-377

Short Papers
Liquidity Crises and Corporate Cash Holdings in Chile / Roberto ÁLVAREZ, Andrés SAGNER, and Carla VALDIVIA

Page 378-392

Book Reviews

The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy by Dani Rodrik / Shahid Yusuf

Page 393-396

Working Hard, Working Poor: A Global Journey by Gary S. Fields / Kazuki Minato

Page 396-399

Foreign Direct Investment and Development: Launching a Second Generation of Policy Research: Avoiding the Mistakes of the First, Reevaluating Policies for Developed and Developing Countries by Theodore H. Moran / Nobuaki Yamashita

Page 399-401

Egypt in the Era of Hosni Mubarak 1981–2011 by Galal Amin / Housam Darwisheh

Page 401-404

Public Opinion in the Middle East: Survey Research and the Political Orientations of Ordinary Citizens by Mark Tessler / Shingo Hamanaka

Page 404-407