The Developing Economies

Volume 51, Number 3 (September 2013)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 51, Number 3 (September 2013)
■ B5
■ September 2013

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Original Articles
Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis: Policy Responses to External Shocks in Uruguay / Carmen ESTRADES and Cecilia LLAMBÍ

Page 233-259

Liquidity Constraints and Postharvest Selling Behavior: Evidence from China’s Maize Farmers / Dingqiang SUN, Huanguang QIU, Junfei BAI, Haiyan LIU, Guanghua LIN, and Scott ROZELLE

Page 260-277

External Shocks and High Volatility in Consumption in Low-Income Countries / Masahiro KODAMA

Page 278-302

Short Papers

Food Price Crisis, Poverty, and Inequality / Marcus MARKTANNER and Luc P. NOISET

Page 303-320

Book Reviews

Page 321-323

Page 323-326

Page 326-328

Page 328-331