The Developing Economies

Volume 57, Number 1 (March 2019)

The Developing Economies

■ The Developing Economies Volume 57, Number 1
■ March 2019

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Understanding the Situation of China's Left‐Behind Children: A Mixed‐Methods Analysis / Fang Chang, Yaojiang Shi, Amber Shen, Asa Kohrman, Katherine Li, Qinqin Wan, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle

Page 3-35

The Impact of Ritual Bathing in a Holy Hindu River on Waterborne Diseases / Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Alok K. Bohara, Hari Katuwal, José A. Pagán, and Jennifer A. Thacher

Page 36-54

Regional Differences in the Gender Earnings Gap in Brazil: Development, Discrimination, and Inequality / Silvio Hong Tiing Tai and Izete Pengo Bagolin

Page 55-82

Book Reviews
Caring for Strangers: Filipino Medical Workers in Asia by Megha Amrith / Rebecca S. Gaddi

Page 83-89

Remittance Income and Social Resilience among Migrant Households in Rural Bangladesh by Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder, Vaughan Higgins, and Peter Harry Ballis / Toshihiko Suda

Page 89-92