The Developing Economies

Volume 48, Number 3 (September 2010)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 48, Number 3 (September 2010)
■ B5
■ September 2010

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Original Articles

Agrarian Land Tenancy in Prewar Japan: Contract Choice and Implications on Productivity / Yutaka ARIMOTO, Tetsuji OKAZAKI, and Masaki NAKABAYASHI

Page 293-318

Hong Kong’s Inflation and Deflation under the US Dollar Peg: The Balassa-Samuelson Effect or Export Price Shocks? / Hiroyuki IMAI

age 319-344

Disparities in the Benefits from Democratic Reform in Nigeria: A Gender Perspective / Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere

Page 345-375

Trust in Health Providers as a Catalyst for Malaria Prevention: Heterogeneous Impacts of Health Education in Rural Ghana / Thomas De HOOP and Luuk Van KEMPEN

Page 376-404

Book Reviews

Page 405-407

Page 407-410

Page 410-413

Page 413-416

Page 416-419