Research Networks

photo:Session organized by IDE at WTO Public Forum

Session organized by IDE at WTO Public Forum

photo:Joint organized seminar with CDRI, Taiwan

Joint organized seminar with CDRI, Taiwan

IDE-JETRO endeavours to expand its international research networks by organizing international joint seminars with international organizations and research institutes, accepting visiting research fellows and trainees from abroad, dispatching Institute researchers abroad, attending international symposia, academic conferences and workshops, as well as sponsoring various research exchange programs.

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Research Networks and Partnership/
Joint Organized Events (Symposium, Seminars):

Research Promotion Division, Research Administration Department, IDE-JETRO

Visiting Research Fellows Program/
Other Program of the Acceptance:

Research Exchange and Training Division, IDE-JETRO
E-mail:vrfide E-mail

Research Fellows Sent Abroad:
Research Personnel Division, IDE-JETRO

Joint Seminars and Events with Organizations in Networks and Collaboration

Research Networks and Partnerships

Visiting Research Fellows Program

Other Program of the Acceptance

Research Fellows Sent Abroad

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