About IDE

Message from the President

Through the creation of high value-added research results and the accumulation of high-quality research resources, we promote regional research in emerging and developing countries that will contribute to global development.

photo:KIMURA Fukunari

As the international community becomes increasingly fragmented, emerging economies with large populations among the countries of the 'Global South' are increasing their presence not only in economic terms, but also in the arena of international politics and diplomacy. Academic research is also becoming even more important for regional and cross-cutting issues such as 'green', 'human rights' and 'economic security'.

Since its foundation in 1960, the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), as one of the world's largest research institutions in the field of developing country studies, has conducted research on political, economic, social and other issues facing emerging and developing country regions from an international perspective that cuts across countries, regions and disciplines. At the same time, it has been collecting and providing materials and information on these countries and regions and disseminating the results of its research. With a collection of over 700,000 books, the IDE Library plays a role as a 'regional resource and information center for emerging and developing economies' not only in Japan but also in the world.

The Institute of Developing Economies aims to create and disseminate original, high-quality research results based on objective analysis of the world's political economy, particularly in emerging and developing country regions, by drawing on a pool of researchers in many specialist fields, including leading area studies specialists and researchers in international political and economic systems. In addition, the Institute of Developing Economies will further internationalize itself, strengthen its digital infrastructure, promote active disclosure of information based on its open access policy, and make an intellectual contribution that serves as a foundation for all stakeholders to consider global trends and Japan's response to them.

KIMURA Fukunari
The Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO