The Developing Economies

Volume 52, Number 2 (June 2014)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 52, Number 2 (June 2014)
■ B5
■ June 2014

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Original Articles
Competition in Turkish Banking: Impacts of Restructuring and the Global Financial Crisis / Canan YILDIRIM

Page 95-124

Social Globalization and Child Labor: A Cross-country Analysis / Heather Congdon FORS

Page 125-153

Informal Credit, Usury, or Support? A Case Study for Vietnam / Cuong Viet NGUYEN and Marrit van den BERG

Page 154-178

A Comparison between Formal and Informal Mutual-credit Arrangements / Francesco REITO and Salvatore SPAGANO

Page 179-201

Book Reviews

The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Migration by Bimal Ghosh / Philip MARTIN

Page 202-205

Diversifying Retail and Distribution in Thailand by Gen Endo / Alexandra DALES

Page 205-208

Trade and Poverty: When the Third World Fell Behind by Jeffrey G. Williamson / Yumiko OKAMOTO

Page 208-210