The Developing Economies

Volume 45, Number 2 (June 2007)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 45, Number 2 (June 2007)
■ B5
■ 105pp
■ June 2007

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Original Articles
Who Develops Innovations in Medicine for the Poor? Trends in Patent Applications Related to Medicines for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Neglected Diseases / Banri ITO, Tatsufumi YAMAGATA

Page 141-171

Political Liberalization or Armed Conflicts? Political Changes in Post-Cold War Africa / Shin'ichi TAKEUCHI

Page 172-193

Growth Accounting for Sri Lanka's Agriculture with Special Reference to Fertilizer and Nonagricultural Prices: Do Policy Reforms Affect Agricultural Development? / Mitoshi YAMAGUCHI, SriGowri SANKER

Page 194-219

Real and Distributive Effects of Petroleum Price Liberalization: The Case of Indonesia / Benedict CLEMENTS, Hong-Sang JUNG, Sanjeev GUPTA

Page 220-237

Book Reviews

W. Arthur Lewis and the Birth of Development Economics by Robert L. Tignor / Yoichi Mine

Page 238-241

Maize and Grace: Africa's Encounter with a New World Crop, 1500-2000 by James C. McCann / Azusa Harashima

Page 242-245

A History of African Higher Education from Antiquity to the Present: A Critical Synthesis by Y. G-M. Lulat / Shoko Yamada

Page 245-248

International Migration and Economic Development: Lessons from Low-Income Countries by Robert E. B. Lucas / Yasuko Hayase

Page 249-252