The Developing Economies

Volume 52, Number 4 (December 2014)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 52, Number 4 (December 2014)
■ B5
■ December 2014

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Original Articles
Dropouts, Defaulters, and Continuing Borrowers: Client Exit from Microfinance / Sarah PEARLMAN

Page 301–321

Gender Effect in Explaining Mobility Patterns in the Labor Market: A Case Study of Turkey / Değer ERYAR and Hasan TEKGÜÇ

Page 322–350

The Growth Barriers of Informal Sector Enterprises: Evidence from India / Subash SASIDHARAN and S. N. Rajesh RAJ

Page 351–375

Book Reviews

World Population Policies: Their Origin, Evolution, and Impact by John F. May / Makoto Atoh

Page 376–379

The Price of Rights: Regulating International Labor Migration by Martin Ruhs / Philip Martin

Page 379–382

The Limits of Institutional Reform in Development: Changing Rules for Realistic Solutions by Matt Andrews / Yuya Kudo

Page 382–383

Urban Labor Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa edited by Philippe De Vreyer and François Roubaud / Andrew Kerr

Page 383–386

Presidents, Assemblies and Policy-Making in Asia edited by Yuko Kasuya / Edward Morgan-Jones

Page 386–389