About IDE


  • General information about the IDE projects
  • Outline of Research Topics and Projects, Commissioned Research and Disclosure of Administrative Documents
    Planning and Coordination Division, Research Planning Department
    TEL: +81-43-299-9526
    FAX: +81-43-299-9724
    E-mail: info
  • Seminars and Events, Membership
    Outreach Event Division, Research Operations Department
    TEL: +81-43-299-9536
    FAX: +81-43-299-9726
    E-mail: seminar
  • Purchasing publications
    Academic Information Center, Publication Division
    TEL: +81-43-299-9735
    FAX: +81-43-299-9736
    E-mail: syuppan
  • Library Information and Reference Service
    Academic Information Center, Access and Information Division
    TEL: +81-43-299-9716
    E-mail: alislib
  • IDE Advanced School (IDEAS)
    TEL: +81-43-299-9562
    FAX: +81-43-299-9728
    E-mail: goideas
  • Others
    TEL: +81-43-299-9500
  • JETRO (Headquarters)
    TEL: +81-3-3582-5511 (General information)