The Developing Economies

Volume 45, Number 4 (December 2007)

■ The Developing Economies Volume 45, Number 4 (December 2007)
■ B5
■ 105pp
■ December 2007

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Original Articles
Determinants of Sectoral Composition in a Small Open Economy: Theoretical and Quantitative Investigations of the Philippines / Kazuhiro YUKI

Page 391-436

Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Malaysia / So UMEZAKI

Page 437-464

FDI and Domestic Investment in Taiwan: An Endogenous Switching Model / Hui-lin LIN and Wen-Bin CHUANG

Page 465-490

Intraindustry Specialization and the United States─Central America─Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement / Don P. CLARK

Page 491-506

Book Reviews

Give Us Your Best and Brightest: The Global Hunt for Talent and Its Impact on the Developing World by Devesh Kapur and John McHale / Hiroki Nogami

Page 507-509

Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa by Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass / Kumiko Makino

Page 509-512