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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2015/2016

In FY 2015/2016 the following research activities are conducted.

Southeast Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
Product Related Environmental Regulations and Trade(B-1-05) MICHIDA Etsuyo
Empirical Studies on Industrial Clusters in the Mekong Countries(B-1-06) KUROIWA Ikuo
Formation of Knowledge Networks in East Asia(B-1-08) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Economic Impact of the Creative Industries in Southeast Asia(B-1-09) KASHCHEEVA Mila
Poverty Alleviation of Women and Children with Disabilities in Developing Countries(B-1-14) MORI Soya
“Human Trafficking” as the Greatest Risk in Migration(B-1-15) YAMADA Miwa
Trade Standards Compliance in Asia – Analysis of Border Rejection Data from a Supply Chain Perspective(B-2-06) NABESHIMA Kaoru
The New Government in Myanmar: The Process and Results of the General Election in 2015(B-3-02) OSADA Noriyuki
Political and Economic Changes in Malaysia during the Post-Mahathir Era(C-07) NAKAMURA Masashi
Analysis of Urbanization in Indonesia Using Village Census Data from 1999 to 2014(C-08) HIGASHIKATA Takayuki
Rising New Social Strata in Vietnam after the Year 2000(C-09) KOJIN Emi
Innovative Agricultural Producers in Developing Countries(C-14) SHIMIZU Tatsuya
Transition of the Vietnamese Family in the Doi Moi Period(C-15) TERAMOTO Minoru
Management and Employment in the Rural Informal Sector in Vietnam(C-18) SAKATA Shozo
An Empirical Study on the Investment/Financing Activities of Philippine Corporations(C-22) KASHIWABARA Chie
Microeconomic Development in Prewar Japan: an Integration of Economic History and Development Economics(C-24) ARIMOTO Yutaka
De-dollarization in Transitional Economies of Southeast Asia(C-26) KUBO Koji
Compilation of Asian International Input-Output Tables: Issues and Extensions(C-27) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Econometric Modeling of Asian Economies(C-28) UEMURA Jinichi
Air Cargo and Airports in Asia(C-31) IKEGAMI Hiroshi
Impact of Policies to Promote the Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Emerging Asian Economies(C-35) WATANABE Mariko
Efficiency and Occupational Safety in the Trucking Industry in Thailand: A view from Personnel and Organizational Economics(C-37) MACHIKITA Tomohiro
Interactive Approach to Water Governance: Case Studies in Asia(C-38) OTSUKA Kenji

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
Economic, Industrial and Trade Development Visions for Lao PDR(A-3-2) ISHIDA Masami