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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2015/2016

In FY 2015/2016 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
Formation of Knowledge Networks in East Asia(B-1-08) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Economic Impact of the Creative Industries in Southeast Asia(B-1-09) KASHCHEEVA Mila
Trade Standards Compliance in Asia – Analysis of Border Rejection Data from a Supply Chain Perspective(B-2-06) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Tracing China's Greenhouse Gas and Pollution Sources in Global Value Chains (GVCs): Regional and Firm Heterogeneity(B-4-01) MENG Bo
Leveraging the Silicon Valley Connections: Taiwan's New Innovation Policies and Implications for Japan(B-4-02) KAWAKAMI Momoko
China's "New Type Urbanization" Policy and the Reform of the Economic System(C-06) OKAMOTO Nobuhiro
The Shifting Locus of Innovation in the Electronics Industry and the Rise of Taiwanese Component Firms(C-13) KAWAKAMI Momoko
Innovative Agricultural Producers in Developing Countries(C-14) SHIMIZU Tatsuya
Microeconomic Development in Prewar Japan: an Integration of Economic History and Development Economics(C-24) ARIMOTO Yutaka
Compilation of Asian International Input-Output Tables: Issues and Extensions(C-27) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Econometric Modeling of Asian Economies(C-28) UEMURA Jinichi
Air Cargo and Airports in Asia(C-31) IKEGAMI Hiroshi
The Role of Policy in Building up the Yiwu Market(C-32) GOKAN Toshitaka
Impact of Policies to Promote the Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Emerging Asian Economies(C-35) WATANABE Mariko
Institutional Innovations and Adaptation to Marketization in Rural China: Economic Analysis of Cooperative Organizations and the Collective Ownership System(C-36) HOKEN Hisatoshi
Interactive Approach to Water Governance: Case Studies in Asia(C-38) OTSUKA Kenji
Socio-economic Analysis of South Korea in the Low Growth Era(C-39) ABE Makoto
Databases of Articles and Evaluation Systems in the Humanities and Social Science of East Asia(C-40) SATO Yukihito

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
China's Pilot Free Trade Zone: Current Situation and Prospects(A-6-1) ONISHI Yasuo
Aid Policies of China and Japan(A-7-1) HIRANO Katsumi