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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2015/2016

In FY 2015/2016 the following research activities are conducted.


Research TopicOrganizer
Economic Analysis of Trade Policy and Trade Agreements(B-1-04) SATO Hitoshi
International Policy Diffusion and Fragmentation of Environmental Regulations(B-1-07) KOJIMA Michikazu
Global Value Chains and their Policy Implications(B-1-10) ITO Tadashi
Female Empowerment and Social Institutions(B-1-13) KUDO Yuya
Trade Standards Compliance in Asia – Analysis of Border Rejection Data from a Supply Chain Perspective(B-2-06) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Tracing China's Greenhouse Gas and Pollution Sources in Global Value Chains (GVCs): Regional and Firm Heterogeneity(B-4-01) MENG Bo
Regional Vitalization, Internationalization and Innovation: Theory and Empirical Analysis for Invigorating the Hokuriku Economies(B-4-03) KUMAGAI Satoru
Crisis of Democracy in Developing Countries(C-05) KAWANAKA Takeshi
Production Patterns of Multinational Firms in a Four-Country Framework: Theory and Empirics(C-29) OYAMADA Kazuhiko
Economic Analysis of Political Shocks(C-30) KUDO Yuya
Economic Division in British India: An Analysis of Population Dynamics(C-33) TSUBOTA Kenmei
Formation and Operation of Law, Institutions and Organizations Concerning Resource and Environmental Policy(C-34) TERAO Tadayoshi
Socioeconomic Impacts of the Proliferation of Convenience Store Chains in Developing Countries(C-41) SATO Hiroshi

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
Business and Human Rights in Emerging Markets: Designing Japan's CSR Strategies(A-4-1) YAMADA Miwa