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FY 2015/2016 Research Topic: C-38
Interactive Approach to Water Governance: Case Studies in Asia


This research project aims to reveal the complex process of multi-layer and cross-scale interactions between government policy and social actors' practices in order to solve the water related problems in Asia. We will conduct case studies in Japan, China, the Philippines and other Asian countries, and with reference to the theory of "interactive governance" developed mostly in European public policy studies, we will compare these cases to seek a new framework for water policies and their related practices in the context of Asia.


April 2015 - March 2017

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] OTSUKA Kenji
[ Co-researchers ] MASUDA Tadayoshi (Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University)
[ Co-researchers ] ONO Tomohiko (Associate Professor, KANAZAWA University)
[ Co-researchers ] LIN Hebin (Director for Asia and the Pacific, International Environmental Management Services Ltd. (IEMS))
  • First year: Joint Research Program Series
  • Second year: Monograph in English