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Visiting Research Fellows Program

Outline of VRF Program

IDE -JETRO is a quasi-governmental Japanese research institution that conducts economic and related studies on developing regions at basic and comprehensive levels. IDE-JETRO invites such as overseas researchers and economic planning representatives to encourage international research cooperation with IDE research staff members on economic, social and political issues relevant to developing countries or regions.

The IDE Visiting Research Fellows (VRF) Program is designed to provide visiting researchers with opportunities to exchange views, research data and other materials related to their research projects.

The VRF Program consists of two major group categories. One is IDE-Supported Fellowship Program and the other is Self-Supporting Fellow’s Program. For more details, please follow the instruction listed below.

Intended Research Field

Research into economics, law, political and social issues relevant to developing countries or regions.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for VRF Program commencing in 2018 all conditions should be fulfilled.

  1. Be affiliated with a university, research institute, or government in overseas.
  2. Hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a relevant research field; such as economic, social, law, statistics or political issues related to the developing economies. Or Have more than five years of experience in research, survey, education or development plan under the related field of economic social development.
  3. Have sufficient command of English and/or Japanese to conduct and publish research results.
  4. Gain two letters of reference (one of which should be written by a representative of the organization to which the applicant belongs.

Required Activities While Visiting

Each fellow is required to:
  1. Complete and submit research result(s), in accordance with research plan, by the expiration date of the fellowship;
    The result(s), will be published as a publication in the VRF Monograph Series, a discussion paper, or a paper in the research project involved, also available on the IDE website.;
  2. Make presentations both on the proposed research plan and the research results to the IDE research staff members and other VRFs;
  3. If requested by IDE-JETRO, each fellow is expected to:
  4. > Participate in IDE research activities, held regularly for discussing issues relevant to the developing world;
    > Participate in other IDE activities such as seminars, lectures, workshops, symposia as well as contribute to journals    or other publications of the IDE-JETRO.

Visit Duration

【IDE-Supported Fellowship Program】

Fellowship duration is awarded for more than 3 months up to 9 months; from the middle of July 2018 to March 20, 2019. Furthermore VRF program has to start by December 17, 2018 at the latest.

【Self-Supporting Fellow's Program】

IDE-JETRO accepts applications for Self-Supporting Fellows anytime and the length should be more than 3 months up to 2 years.

Expense Coverage

【IDE-Supported Fellowship Program】

Fellows of this type are provided with:

  1. a monthly stipend of 470,000 Japanese yen (for professor or equivalent) or 410,000 yen (for associate professor or equivalent).
  2. a round-trip air ticket.
  3. a traveler's insurance.
【Self-Supporting Fellow's Program】

IDE-JETRO does not bear any cost for self-supporting fellows such as living expenses.

Facilities and Services

Fellows will be provided with an individual research room or a booth constructed of partition panels, a personal computer, photocopiers at IDE-JETRO and access to IDE-JETRO library.
Personal assistant /secretarial services for individuals will not be offered.


  • Fellows will be requested to secure their accommodation by themselves during the stay in Japan.
  • In case Fellows come to Japan accompanied by their family, IDE-JETRO will not offer financial assistance and any other support for their travel and stay in Japan.
【IDE-Supported Fellowship Program】
  • Fellows will not be allowed to leave Japan without permission from IDE-JETRO even for research purposes. During the period of leaving Japan, a stipend will be deducted for any reason.
  • Fellows will conduct research activity under research cooperation at IDE-JETRO during the stay, therefore fellow will not be allowed to receive any subvention from other institutions while keeping with their position as the VRF.

Application Deadline, Forms and Method

The following information is only for IDE-Supported Fellowship Program.

【Application Deadline】

March 28, 2018

【Notification of Results】
The end of May 2018 (Tentative)
【Appllication Method】

Download Application Documents shown below. All documents should be typed, and submitted to the International Exchange and Training Department, IDE-JETRO by e-mail or post.

Applications shall be submitted to:
vrfideE-mail(Please put "Application IDE VRF FY2018" in the subject line.)

Mailing Address:
*should be sent by courier service, the registered mail, or a similar service
International Exchange and Training Department, IDE-JETRO
3-2-2 Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-8545 Japan

All documents must be reached by Application Deadline.

*Please note that application materials will not be returned.

【Application Documents】
  1. Application Form for IDE-Supported Fellowship Program (1 copy)
  2. Statement of Proposed Research (1 copy)
  3. Two Letters of Reference (one of which should be written by a representative of the organization to which the applicant belongs, letters valid within 6 months).
【Self-Supporting Fellow's Program】

IDE accepts applications for Self-Supporting Fellows anytime and the length should be more than 3 months up to 2 years. For detailed conditions and procedure, please contact us at vrfide

Inquiry by via email

Any other enquiry concerning the VRF Program should be emailed to: vrfide 
Please put "Inquiry IDE VRF Program"in the subject line.

Selection Process

  • The application will be considered by IDE researchers in the Selection Committee and then final evaluation will be performed.

Use of Personal Data

IDE-JETRO handles your personal data with great care. We can assure you that your personal data is processed fairly in a reasonable and appropriate way and that they are collected only for specific purposes related to our program.

Handling of Personal Information

With regard to your personal information, it shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the "Law to Protect Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions" and IDE-JETRO’s own regulations for protecting personal information. IDE-JETRO will use such information exclusively for implementing Visiting Research Fellows Program. VRF’s should note that their name, title, affiliated organization and country, research theme and research reports may be given public access.

※Chief Handler of Personal Information:Director in Charge, International Exchange and Training Department, IDE-JETRO TEL: +81-43-299-9560