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FY 2015/2016 Research Topic: B-4-01
Tracing China's Greenhouse Gas and Pollution Sources in Global Value Chains (GVCs): Regional and Firm Heterogeneity


This research is an upgraded version of the previous international joint project “Tracing China’s CO2 Emissions in Global Value Chains (GVCs)” supported by IDE-JETRO, CIDEG, USITC and ICLCE in 2014. In the previous research, we constructed a consistent accounting framework (Meng, Peters, Wang, 2014) which can be used to trace the creation, distribution and transfer of both CO2 emissions and value added in GVCs at the national, bilateral, and industry/product levels for various international production networks. As an extension of the previous work, this research aims to introduce domestic-regional (integrated economic area or province) and firm heterogeneity (firm size, ownership and trade mode) information into the accounting framework in order to trace China's greenhouse gas and pollution sources in GVCs at a more detailed level. A better understanding of the relationship between a country, domestic region or firm’s degree of participation in GVCs and its emission/pollution levels can help both China and its upstream and downstream trade partners to design sustainable and green growth strategies as well as support international environmental governance on a whole.


April 2015 - March 2016

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] MENG Bo
[ Co-researchers ] LEI Lei
[ Co-researchers ] Klaus Hubacek (Professor, University of Maryland)
[ Co-researchers ] Hao XIAO (Assistant Professor, Hunan University)
[ Co-researchers ] ANDO Asao (Professor, Tohoku University)
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