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FY 2015/2016 Research Topic: C-34
Formation and Operation of Law, Institutions and Organizations Concerning Resource and Environmental Policy


By analysing the current status and formation process of a legal system and administrative organizations in connection with resource and environmental policies in developed and developing countries, we will show the reason why many developing countries have been unable to promptly overcome the environmental and resource constraints faced in the process of economic development. Also, we will show the conditions of the legal system and administrative organizations required to implement resource and environmental policy efficiently in developing countries by comparing them with the formation process of other public policies, such as development policy and social policy, and with examples of the formation process in developed countries.


April 2014 - March 2016

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] TERAO Tadayoshi
[ Co-researchers ] FUNATSU Tsuruyo
[ Co-researchers ] OTSUKA Kenji
[ Co-researchers ] KITAGAWA Susumu (Associate Professor, Yamanashi University)
[ Co-researchers ] OIKAWA Hiroki (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)
[ Co-researchers ] SATO Jin (Professor, University of Tokyo)
  • Monograph in English