Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2014/2015

In FY 2014/2015 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia
Research Topic Organizer
Development of Geographical Simulation Model (IDE-GSM) for predicting the long-term evolution of population and industrial agglomeration in East Asia: Based on the geo-economic dataset 2010 (B-2-06) KUMAGAI Satoru
BRICs Economy and Global Value (Supply) Chains: The Current Situation and Future Challenges (B-4-01) MENG Bo
Tracing China's CO2 Emissions in Global Supply Chains (B-4-02) MENG Bo
IDE-JETRO/UNIDO Collaborative Research Project "Asian Trade Standards Compliance Report: Analysis of Border Rejection Data in Developed Markets" (B-4-03) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Taiwan-Japan Small & Medium Enterprises' Cooperation to Explore the ASEAN Markets (B-4-06) SATO Yukihito
Prospects and Challenges for Japan-Taiwan Economic Relations (B-4-07) SATO Yukihito
Legislature under a One Party Regime: Case of China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (C-04) YAMADA Norihiko
Comparative Analysis of Poverty in Elderly Households in Korea and Japan (C-17) WATANABE Yuichi
Compilation and Analyses of Trade Indices in East Asia (C-20) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Consumption Behaviors in East and South-East Asian Countries (C-25) YOSHINO Hisao
The Impact of Policies to Promote the Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Emerging Asian Economies (C-27) WATANABE Mariko
Women with Disabilities in Developing Countries (C-29) KOBAYASHI Masayuki
Microeconomic Developments in Prewar Japan: An Integration of Economic History and Development Economics (C-32) ARIMOTO Yutaka
The role of policy in building up Yiwu market (C-40) GOKAN Toshitaka
Institutional Innovations and Adaptation to Marketization in Rural China: Economic Analysis of Cooperative Organizations and the Collective Ownership System (C-41) HOKEN Hisatoshi
Formation and Operation of Laws, Institutions, and Organizations Concerning Resources and Environmental Policy (C-42) TERAO Tadayoshi
Socio-economic Analysis of Taiwan under the Ma Ying-jeou Administration (C-45) KAWAKAMI Momoko
Bank of Taiwan's Southward Strategy and Management Philosophy (C-47) HISASUE Ryoichi
Inequality and Governance in Water Environmental Issues in China (C-48) OTSUKA Kenji
Policy Issue Research