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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2014/2015

In FY 2014/2015 the following research activities are conducted.

South Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
An Evidence-Based Study of the Innovative Anti-Poverty Practices and Market Institutions(B-1-04) TAKAHASHI Kazushi
BRICs Economy and Global Value (Supply) Chains: The Current Situation and Future Challenges(B-4-01) MENG Bo
Post War Economic Issues and Challenges in Sri Lanka(C-02) ARAI Etsuyo
Understanding the Impact of the Employment Guarantee Programme on the Labour Market in India(C-06) TSUJITA Yuko
Public Services in India(C-10) SATO Hajime
The Transformation of the Organization of Work and Human Resource Management in India in Association with Labor-Management Relations(C-19) OTA Hitoshi
Institutional Roles of Marriage in the Developing World: Empirical studies from the Perspectives of Gender Empowerment(C-21) KUDO Yuya
Impact of rural electrification on fertility in Bangladesh(C-26) SHONCHOY Abu
The Impact of Policies to Promote the Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Emerging Asian Economies(C-27) WATANABE Mariko
Women with Disabilities in Developing Countries(C-29) KOBAYASHI Masayuki
Transition from School to Work: Linkage between Education and Employment in India(C-30) NAKAMURA Mari
Economic Division in British India: An Analysis of Population Dynamics(C-44) TSUBOTA Kenmei