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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2014/2015

In FY 2014/2015 the following research activities are conducted.


Research TopicOrganizer
The Politics of Redistribution in New Democracies(B-1-02) KAWANAKA Takeshi
Interdisciplinary Analysis of “Human Trafficking” in Asia(B-1-06) YAMADA Miwa
BRICs Economy and Global Value (Supply) Chains: The Current Situation and Future Challenges(B-4-01) MENG Bo
Economic Development and Property Rights in Developing Countries(C-01) IWASAKI Yoko
Issues and Questions Concerning Current Social Movement Studies: a Preliminary Study(C-16) SHIGETOMI Shinichi
Disability and People with Disabilities in African countries: From a Point of View of 'Disability and Development'(C-22) MORI Soya
Production Patterns of Multinational Firms: Horizontal and Vertical Multinationals with Traded Intermediates(C-23) UCHIDA Yoko
Territorialization of the Sea: Pacific Islands Countries in the Pacific "Security" Policy(C-24) KUROSAKI Takehiro
Economic Analysis of Trade Agreements(C-28) SATO Hitoshi
Microeconomic Developments in Prewar Japan: An Integration of Economic History and Development Economics(C-32) ARIMOTO Yutaka
Political Limits on Trade: Implications for Developing Economies(C-39) KASHCHEEVA Mila
Formation and Operation of Laws, Institutions, and Organizations Concerning Resources and Environmental Policy(C-42) TERAO Tadayoshi

Policy Issue Research

Research TopicOrganizer
Aid Policy Study: Real Politics of Foreign Assistance(A-1-1) HIRANO Katsumi
How to Escape Middle Income Trap: Strategies toward High Income Economies(A-5-1) NABESHIMA Kaoru
Business and Human Rights in Emerging Markets – For Designing Japan’s CSR Strategies(A-6-1) YAMADA Miwa