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FY 2014/2015 Research Topic: B-4-07
Prospects and Challenges for Japan-Taiwan Economic Relations


Japan and Taiwan have constructed a very strong economic relationship. Taiwan is Japan's fourth largest export market and the eleventh largest source of imports. Excluding the natural resource exporters, Taiwan is the fifth largest source of Japan's imports. At the same time, Japan is Taiwan's fourth largest export market and the largest source of its import. Mutual direct investment and business alliances between firms in the two countries have also been quite active. Whether or not this relationship continues to develop will have a substantial impact on both economies.
Our project aims to analyze the current situation of the Japan-Taiwan economic relationship, and to forecast the future and realize what is required to expand and upgrade the relationship.


April 2014 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] SATO Yukihito
[ Co-researchers ] IKEGAMI Hiroshi
[ Co-researchers ] KAWAKAMI Momoko
[ Co-researchers ] HAYAKAWA Kazunobu
[ Co-researchers ] SATO Hitoshi
[ Co-researchers ] NABESHIMA Kaoru
[ Co-researchers ] MICHIDA Etsuyo
[ Co-researchers ] ISONO Ikumo
[ Co-researchers ] ISHIDO Hikari (Professor, Faculty of Law, Politics & Economics, Chiba University)
[ Co-researchers ] LEE Roy Chun (Deputy Director of the Taiwan WTO Center)