Research Activities

Research Projects 2023

A Preliminary Analysis on Culture: Its Measurements, Comparison, and Determinants


In this research project, we review existing studies on methods to measure and compare cultures (values, beliefs, norms, patterns of thinking and reactions shared by a certain group), and on the characteristics and determinants of cultures in different countries and regions. Conventional research faces challenges such as (1) limited knowledge exchanges among disciplines, (2) challenges in measuring and comparing cultures, and (3) limited research on cultures in developing countries. In this research project, experts from various disciplines and countries/regions will address these issues through knowledge sharing and discussions. As a result, we aim to formulate new research ideas for launching full-scale research projects.


April 2023 - March 2024

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Asuyama, Yoko
[ Co-researcher ] Doi, Kaito
[ Co-researcher ] Aida, Takeshi
[ Co-researcher ] Kikuta, Kyosuke
[ Co-researcher ] Hazama, Yasushi
[ Co-researcher ] Kikuchi, Hirokazu
Expected Outcome
  • Basic theory building project report