[Belonging・Position] Business and Industry Studies Group, Development Studies Center
[Research Field] Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
[email] Yoko_Asuyama E-mail
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Previous research

I have conducted empirical analyses, mainly in fields such as labor economics, personnel and organizational economics, and development economics (especially as related to labor and industrial development). In particular, I am interested in why economies’ comparative advantages or industrial development patterns differ among countries. In particular, I am focusing on workers and firm organizations as the factors that influence an economy’s development patterns. So far, I have conducted empirical research examining workers' industry choices, motivation to work, working conditions, and the delegation of authority within the firm. These analyses used data on China, India, Cambodia, and various multiple countries.

Current research projects

At present (April 2022), I am researching the following topics: (1) the effects of employees’ task learning environment on entrepreneurship, (2) the effects of managers’ behaviors on employee productivity (joint research), and (3) the effects of joint decision-making on the performance of workers and firms (joint research).