DOI Kaito

DOI Kaito

DOI Kaito
[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center・Middle Eastern Studies Group
[Research Field] Central Asia Area Studies, Transition Economics
[email] Kaito_Doi E-mail
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Previous research

I joined the Institute of Developing Economies in 2023 after obtaining my master's degree at the Graduate School of Economics, Hokkaido University. I have conducted research on subjective well-being in Central Asia and transition countries. I am particularly interested in the role of community and social capital. This is because existing studies have suggested that people have relied heavily on informal social and economic activities and familial relationships in their everyday lives, especially during the chaos of political and economic transition. Therefore, I have studied the impact of community and social capital on people's views of life and happiness through fieldwork and econometric analysis.

Current research projects

In Uzbekistan, a traditional community known as a mahalla serves as the structure for regional stability and autonomy and also functions as a customary daily life place. In recent years, however, it has been used administratively as an extension of local government and has seen aspects of its public function. Therefore, I am interested in the impact of the transformation of mahalla on the social and economic activities of the local residents. I also plan to study the effects of tourism development as a country and family businesses in rural areas on people's consumption behavior, lifestyles, and values.