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FY 2016/2017 Research Topic: B-2-06
Development of a Geographical Simulation Model (IDE-GSM) and Geo-economic Dataset


We will continue to strive to make the Geographical Simulation Model (IDE-GSM) more realistic by utilising the economic data by region from 2005 and 2010. We will try to estimate the speed of inter-regional migration by looking at the differences in per capita income at the sub-national level and subsequent changes in regional population. We will also look at the possibility of applying the simulation model to regions other than Asia. In particular, the following two themes will be explored: estimation of regional GDP from night-time satellite images, and the recovery in the GDP by industry from import/export data.


April 2015 - March 2017

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] KUMAGAI Satoru
[ Co-researchers ] ISONO Ikumo
[ Co-researchers ] GOKAN Toshitaka
[ Co-researchers ] HAYAKAWA Kazunobu
[ Co-researchers ] KEOLA Souknilanh
[ Co-researchers ] TSUBOTA Kenmei
[ Co-researchers ] UMEZAKI So
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