Economic Geography Studies Group, Development Studies Center・Deputy Director

Research Field:
Spatial Economics, Economic Integration in ASEAN and East Asia and Connectivity

Education / Research Experience

Bachelor of Economics, Saitama University, 1998
Master of Economics, University of Tokyo, 2000
Professional Career:
Joined IDE, 2005
Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2006
Bangkok Research Center, JETRO, 2009
JETRO Bangkok, 2010
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) , 2011
Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2014

Major Works

Policy Papers
  • "Geographical Simulation Analysis for logistics enhancement in Asia", Economic Modelling , Vol. 34, 145-153, 2013 (with S. Kumagai, K. Hayakawa, S. Keola and K. Tsubota)
  • "Agglomeration and Dispersion in China and ASEAN: A Geographical Simulation Analysis", China Economic Policy Review , Vol. 1 (1), 2012 (with S. Kumagai and F. Kimura)
  • "Locational Disadvantage of the Hub", Annals of Regional Science , Vol. 40(4), 819-848, 2006 (with T. Ago and T. Tabuchi)
Book Chapters
  • “Long-Run Economic Impacts of Thai Flooding on Markets and Production Networks: Geographical Simulation Analysis”, in Resilience and Recovery in Asian Disasters , Daniel P. Aldrich, Sothea Oum, Yasuyuki Sawada (Eds.), Springer, 2015
  • "Economic Integration and the Expansion of Trade and Transport Networks", in The Economics of East Asian Integration: A Comprehensive Introduction to Regional Issues , M. Fujita, I. Kuroiwa and S. Kumagai (Eds.), Edward Elgar, 2011
  • "Japan (Case Study)", in Asia's Free Trade Agreements: How is Business Responding? , M. Kawai and G. Wignaraja (Eds.), Edward Elgar, 2011 (with D. Hiratsuka and H. Sato)

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

Japanese Economic Association
Applied Regional Science Conference


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