[Belonging・Position] Economic Geography Studies Group, Development Studies Center ・Deputy Director
[Research Field] Urban economics, Spatial economics, Connectivity
[email] Ikumo_Isono E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

I have been conducting policy research on the impact of transport infrastructure and economic corridor development in East Asia, connecting spatial economics theory, geographic simulation model (IDE-GSM) analysis, real-world business and consumer behaviors, and economic policies. I have collaborated with the Economic Research Institute for East Asia and ASEAN, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Current research projects

As an ERIA project, I am analyzing the impact of the spread of novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19) and the shift to remote work on the role of cities. Unlike developed countries where urbanization is nearly complete, the influx of households to cities and the urbanization of rural areas in developing countries is still in progress, and therefore the promotion of remote work may have a significant impact not only on the way business is conducted but also on the structure of cities and people’s living patterns in the medium to long term.