[Belonging・Position] Economic Geography Studies Group, Development Studies Center ・Director
[Research Field] International Trade, Malaysian Economy
[email] Satoru_Kumagai@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

BA in Policy Management(Keio Univ.), Mar. 1994
MA in Policy and Media(Keio Univ.), Mar. 1996
MSc in Global Market Economics(London School of Economics and Political Science), Jul. 2004
Professional Career:
IDE(Economic Development Research Project Team), Apr. 1996
IDE (Area Studies Department I), Apr. 1999
Dispatched as a researcher to London, Sep. 2002 - Aug. 04
IDE (Inter-disciplinary Studies Center), Oct. 2004
Deputy Director, Economic Integration Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2009-March 2010
Director, Economic Integration Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, April 2010-March 2013
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Kuala Lumpur), April 2013-

Major Works

  • "Economic impacts of improved connectivity for ASEAN: an application of the Geographical Simulation Model."(co-work) Asian Economic Policy Review, 2016, 11.2: 290-306.
  • "The Middle-Income Trap from the Viewpoint of Trade Structures: Are the Geese Trapped or Still Flying?." Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 2015, 6.03: 1550017.
  • "Five growth strategies for Myanmar: re-engagement with the global economy."(co-work) Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (JSEAE), 2014, 31.2: 173-194.
  • "Dawei Revisited: A Reaffirmation of the Importance of the Project in the Era of Reforms in Myanmar."(co-work) ERIA Policy Brief, 2013, 1.
  • "Geographical simulation analysis for logistics enhancement in Asia."(co-work) Economic Modelling, 2013, 34: 145-153.
  • "Impacts of Transport and Trade Facilitation Measures in GMS Countries: IDE Geographical Simulation Model." In: Economic Integration and the Location of Industries. Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2012. p. 200-224.
  • "Agglomeration and dispersion in China and ASEAN: a geographical simulation analysis."(co-work) China Economic Policy Review, 2012, 1.01: 1250005.
  • "History of De Facto Economic Integration in East Asia"(co-work),in Fujita, Kuroiwa and Kumagai(eds.) The Economics of East Asian Integration: A Comprehensive Introduction to Regional Issues, Edward Elgar, 2011.

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