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Africa Report (2020_1_30_002)


African countries have recently experienced significant changes in political, economic, and social aspects. Rapid economic growth, increasing income gaps, democratization and active party politics, and outbreaks of armed conflict are only a few examples of the far-reaching social changes in Africa. Understanding of these changes is essential not only for academic interests but also for effective policy formulation, and Africa Report published from IDE since 1985 has been one of a few academic journals publishing refereed academic papers and brief reports in Japan. To continue delivery of reliable analysis for today’s Africa, this project publishes the online journal Africa Report through the editorial committee working for collection, refereeing, editing and publication of articles. Articles has been published in the academic portal site, J-STAGE, provided by Japan Science and Technology Agency since 2019.


April 2020 - March 2021

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Fukunishi Takahiro
[ Co-researcher ] Kodama Yuka
[ Co-researcher ] Aminaka Akiyo
[ Co-researcher ] Kishi Mayumi
[ Co-researcher ] Makino Kumiko
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Akira
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Chizuko
[ Co-researcher ] Takeuchi Shinichi
[ Co-researcher ] Tsubura Machiko
[ Co-researcher ] Tsuda Miwa
[ Co-researcher ] Yanai Akiko
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