[Belonging・Position] African Studies Group, Area Studies Center
[Research Field] Area Studies (Mozambique), International Relations
[email] Akiyo_Aminaka E-mail
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Previous research

Focusing mainly on worker migration from Mozambique to South Africa, I have examined what states are and what they should be, from the perspective of migration policy. In my dissertation, I examined transformations of the state and society surrounding the emigration of “policy migrants” that began in the colonial period and continues to the present day. Then, as the number of policy migrants decreased while the number of irregular migrants increased due to political transformation and economic restructuring in the Southern African region, I started to cover these issues in my research.

Current research projects

Migration policy is a policy intervention by the state that affects the movement of people in society and it reflects the views about what the state should be. The policies and institutional designs of the countries I study not only vividly reflect their political and social conditions, but also show the effects of international policy trends. Building on these research interests and borrowing from my previous analyses of state–society relations through the lens of migration policy, I am currently working to understand transformations of state–society relations by examining other policy interventions from various perspectives. Migration policy has also been a policy for managing human resources. My current research has empirically shed light on the actual implementation of policies for managing land resources as well as the politics observed in resource allocation based on social welfare systems.