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No.050 Interindustrial Structure in the Asia-Pacific Region: Growth and Integration, by Using 2000 AIO Table

by MENG Bo , SATO Hajime , NAKAMURA Jun, OKAMOTO Nobuhiro, KUWAMORI Hiroshi and INOMATA Satoshi

March 2006


Over the past 20 years Asian countries have achieved a certain degree of economic growth and at the same time deepened spatial interdependence. In January 2006, IDE completed the 2000 Asian International Input-Output Table, which covers eight major East Asian countries/regions as well as Japan and the United States. Given the dynamic changes in the economies of East Asia, this paper attempts to summarize the characteristics and their patterns of change in industrial structures and trade structures of the countries/regions in the Asia-Pacific region from the three viewpoints of time, space, and industry, by using the AIO table for 1985, 1990, 1995, and 2000.

Keywords: industrial structure, input-output, East Asian economy, regional integration
JEL classification: C67, D57, F40

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