Papers and Reports

Middle East Studies Series

The Middle East Studies (M.E.S.) Series aim at disseminating the results of research and study conducted in the Area Studies Center of IDE.

Back Issues
"The Nationalities Question in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan" Nurbulat Masanov, Erlan Karin, Andrei Chebotarev, Natsuko Oka / Published in March 2002
"Spritual Father of the Ba'th -The Ideological and Political Significance of Zaki al-Arsuzi in Arab Nationalist Movements" by Hiroyuki Aoyama, Wafiq Khansa, and Maher al-Charif Translated and Revised by Mujab al-Imam and Malek Salman / Published in March 2000
"Emerging Changes in Turkish Politics and Society" by Servet Mutlu, Cahit Emre, and Yasushi Hazama / Published in March 2000