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[Research Field] Input-output analysis
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Previous research

The Institute of Developing Economies used to construct the Asian International Input–Output Tables, which are economic data that show the degree of interconnectedness between industries both within and across national borders. I was involved in this project for many years, and I have conducted extensive research on the structural changes of international production networks.

Current research projects

With the rise of a new production arrangement known as global value chains, the pursuit of optimal allocation of resources often results in the agglomeration and concentration of key production capacities in a certain region of a certain country. This may work well in good times, but when things start to go wrong, such production hubs can become choke points of the entire economic system. Multiple examples can be found in recent history: the Lehman Shock, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and various forms of cyber-attacks, where strong economic interdependency rendered production and financial systems particularly vulnerable to a single point of failure.

These events have drawn attention to the systemic risk associated with the skewed concentration of supply chains in global production networks. My current research interest thus centers around the assessment of such risks and the geopolitical implications for the world economy.

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  • Inomata, S. (2019) Global Value Chains. Nihonkeizai-shimbun Publishing (in Japanese). *Awards: The Asia-Pacific Prize (Ajia-Taiheiyo-sho, awarded by Mainichi Newspaper), and The Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Prize (awarded by Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Foundation)
  • Inomata, S. ed. (2011) Asia beyond the Global Economic Crisis. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

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