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FY 2014/2015 Research Topic: C-16
Issues and Questions Concerning Current Social Movement Studies: a Preliminary Study


This project reviews preceding studies of social movements and identify the questions to which researchers are currently struggling find answers, the approaches that are being taken to find the answers, and the issues that remain yet answered. In developing countries today, social movements are ubiquitous and some have shaken the national political system. Although the importance of studying social movements in developing counties is apparent, many studies stop at describing each social movement. Researchers should know what s/he has added to the state of knowledge in order to collaboratively develop the study of social movements. The participants in this study group are required to review preceding studies about the issues they are currently pursuing. By sharing the study reviews, we expect to obtain a bird’s eye view of the current situation of social movement studies.


April 2014 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] SHIGETOMI Shinichi
[ Co-researchers ] YAMAGUCHI Mami
TERAO Tadayoshi
UETANI Naokatsu
REN zhe