Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2014/2015 Research Topic: A-1-1
Aid Policy Study: Real Politics of Foreign Assistance


This research project will discuss issues related to aid policy and clarify the nature of aid policy in diplomatic perspective and its historical function. The research project will also consider, with policy makers, what Japanese aid policy should be like, and issue Policy Briefs on the website. In addition, emerging donors, especially China, will be a target of research subject and explore possible collaborative aid policy with such emerging donors.


April 2014 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] HIRANO Katsumi
[ Co-researchers ] OKADA Shigeki (Director, Research Coordination Office)
ARAKI Mitsuya (Chairman and Executive Director, The International Development Journal Co., Ltd.)
OHNO Izumi (Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
MAEDA Mitsuhiro (Professor, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology)
MIYAGI Taizo (Associate Professor, Sophia University)
SHIRATO Keiichi (Senior Analyst, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute)