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FY 2014/2015 Research Topic: B-1-06
Interdisciplinary Analysis of “Human Trafficking” in Asia


The movement of people is gaining further significance as a third wave in the development of the global economy, following the cross-border movement of goods and capital. Human trafficking, the worst form of people movement, has become a global topic, and its subsequent prevention and eradication have been sought for the reasons of national and human security, as well as for sound economic and social development in states and regions. Research on human trafficking has tended to be too narrowly focused or too technical to properly understand the issue, which is indeed intertwined with social, economic and political factors. This study aims to analyze the issue of “human trafficking” from the perspective of different academic disciplines such as law, economics, politics, history and sociology, and to construct an interdisciplinary framework for comprehensively understanding the phenomena of “human trafficking”.


April 2013 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] YAMADA Miwa
[ Co-researchers ] AOKI-OKABE Maki
SAITO Yuriko (Associate Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Meiji Gakuin University)