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Business and Human Rights in Emerging Markets: Baseline Study on Japanese Corporations, and Future Challenges Ahead and Building a Platform to Formulate a National Action Plan (2017_1_10_007)


Given the Japanese government’s Upon the commitment toof create aion of National Action Plan based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by the Japanese government, this research will survey how Japanese businesses should integrate human rights intorespect in their core operations and how the Japanese government can support these businessesm throughin its policies and measures. At the same time, we will organize seminars and workshops to promote the UNGPs and create a platform to discuss the issue among multiple-stakeholders, including such as government agencies, companies and civil society groups, in order to pave the way for Japan’s National Action Plan.


April 2017 - March 2018

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Yamada Miwa
[ Co-researcher ] Inoue Naomi ( Inter-disciplinary Studies Center )
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Hiroshi
[ Co-researcher ] Murayama Mayumi
[ Co-researcher ] Kobayashi Masayuki
[ Co-researcher ] Yanai Akiko
[ Co-researcher ] Noguchi Naoyoshi ( Overseas Research Department )
[ Co-researcher ] Kobayashi Hiroshi ( Overseas Research Department )
[ Co-researcher ] Yoneyama Hiroshi ( Overseas Research Department )
[ Co-researcher ] Kinoshita Yukako
[ Co-researcher ] Takahashi Daisuke
[ Co-researcher ] Kuroda Kawori
[ Co-researcher ] Seki Masao
[ Co-researcher ] Doi Kanae
[ Co-researcher ] Motobayashi Toshihiro
[ Co-researcher ] Ota Keisuke
[ Co-researcher ] Ueno Akiko
[ Co-researcher ] Ushijima Keiichi
[ Co-researcher ] Tase Kazuo
[ Co-researcher ] Tomita Hidemi
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