Executive Vice President

Research Field:
Area studies (South Asia), Gender and Development issues, Labor issues, Social development

Education / Research Experience

Professional Career:
Joined IDE, 1984
Dispatched to Dhaka, Bangladesh as an overseas junior research fellow, 1989-1992
Dispatched to the Hague, the Netherlands and Dhaka, Bangladesh as an overseas senior research fellow, 1997-1999
Returned to IDE, Area Studies Department I, 2001
Director, South Asia Study Group, Area Studies Center, IDE, 2003-2006
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (New Delhi), 2006-2011
Deputy Director-General, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2011-2014
Senior Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2014-2017
Director-General, Research Promotion Department, 2017-2019

Other Information:
Political advisor at Japanese Embassy in Dhaka, 1999-2001

Major Works

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