The 2011 Thailand Floods: Lessons and Records

Spot Survey


Edited by Yoshifumi TAMADA, Keisuke HOSHIKAWA and FUNATSU Tsuruyo

Published in February 2015

These papers are originally published in Japanese, under the title of Thailand's 2011 Flood: The Record and Lessons (Josei-Bunseki Report No.22, Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO, 2013), and re-edited as IDE Spot Survey Series No.34.
Some of them have also appeared in other journals and publications.


Characteristics of the 2011 Chao Phraya River flood in Central Thailand / Daisuke KOMORI, Shinichirou NAKAMURA, Masashi KIGUCHI, Asako NISHIJIMA, Dai YAMAZAKI, Satoshi SUZUKI, Akiyuki KAWASAKI, Kazuo OKI and Taikan OKI

Published in Hydrological Research Letters, Vol. 6, pp.41-46, (2012), doi:10.3178/hrl.6.41

Effect of 2011 Thailand Floods on Industry and Companies and Recovery Measures / Seiya SUKEGAWA