[Belonging・Position] Environment and Natural Resource Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center
[Research Field] Social Stratification, Education and Social Movements

Education / Research Experience

Master of Arts (Sociology) from Sophia University, March 1991
Ph.D. Program at the University of Tokyo. (Ph.D candidate since 2006), Since April 2001
Professional Career:
Researcher at Institute of Developing Economies, April 1991 until present
Research Fellow at Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, Thailand (as research fellow sent abroad from IDE), November 1995 until November 1997

Major Works

Papers and book chapters in English
Conference Papers and Presentations
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu "The Formation of Sino-Thai Middle Class Merchants in Siam in the 1930s,"Paper presented for the Symposium on 'Middle Class Question?' at Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, 1998.
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu "The Creation of the ‘New Thai’ Merchants in Siam in the 1930s," Paper presented for The 16th IAHA Conference at Sabah, Malaysia, July 29, 2000
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu (presentation with Fumio Nagai and Kazuhiro Kagoya)
    The Central-Local relationship in Thailand, in the theme session on Frontiers of Asian Sociologies Part II: Social Changes. The 80th Annual Conference of the Japan Sociological Society, at Kanto Gakuin University, November 18, 2007.
Book review in English
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu 2005 Book Review, " Regional Development in Northeast Thailand and the Formation of Thai Civil Society. " International Journal of Japanese Sociology. No.14, 2005.
Book and Book Chapters in Japanese
  • Tamio Hattori, Tsuruyo Funatsu and Takashi Torii eds., 2002 The Emergence of the Asian Middle Classes and Their Characteristics (Ajia chukanso no Seisei to tokushitu), Chiba, Institute of Developing Economies.
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu 2000 "Politics of Environment in Thailand: Environmental Policies and Participation, " in Akira Suehiro and Shigeki Higashi eds. Economic Policy in Thailand (Tai no Keizai-seisaku) , Tokyo, Institute of Developing Economies.
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu, 2002 "Nationalism Discourse and Sino-Thai Chinese in Thailand," in Mitsuo Ogura and Hirokatsu Kano eds., Changing "Third World" and International Sociology(Henbo suru "Daisan-sekai" to Kokusai Shakai) , Tokyo, Tokyo University Press.
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu 2003 "Expansion of Secondary Education in Thailand- Uneven Universalization process," in Akio Yonemura ed. World Educational Development , Tokyo, Akashi-shobo Press.
  • Tsuruyo Funatsu (2006) "Social Stratification and life style," Ryukichi Kitagawa et al. How to Find Research Questions and Methods of Area Studies , Tokyo, Bunkashobo-Hakubunsha Press.
  • Yoshifumi Tamada and Tsuruyo Funatsu (eds.), 2008 Thailand in Motion: Political and Administrative Changes, 1991-2006 (Tai seiji gyousei no henkaku-1991nen -2006nen-), Institute of Developing Economies.

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

The Japan Sociological Society
Japan Association for Asian Studies
Japan Society for Southeast Asian History
Japan Association for Thai Studies


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