Asia Beyond the Crisis -Visions from International Input-Output Analyses

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December 2009(Internal use only)

The Financial Crisis from the United States, as triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, has rapidly spread over the globe and is now starting to affect the real side of the economies. Not to mention the United States, all the advanced nations are trapped into the persistent downward spirals, and the world economy seems to be wandering around the dark misty labyrinth.

The story is not of course irrelevant to Asian countries that enjoyed an unprecedented growth in the last two decades or so. In particular, China, the “Factory of the World”, has lost its foreign customers and faces the urgent necessity to redirect its products towards the domestic market.
This study investigates the nature of the current crisis with the help of Input-Output Analyses that examine a country’s economic potentials from its production system, and aims to present the future prospect of the Asian economy.